August 2016

Error handling in Zend Expressive
In one of my Zend Expressive-based projects, among other things I needed to create a error handling implementation capable of processing exceptions and emitting them as errors in a format suitable for a client that initiated the request. In essence,...

June 2017

Using Monolog with Zend Service Manager
Without any doubt, Monolog and Zend Service Manager are two libraries that are almost always found in the composer.json file require section of my projects. In case you didn't know, Monolog is a PSR-3 compliant logging library that allows you...

July 2018

Lazy loading services using Zend Service Manager
Any more complex application includes a big dependency injection tree of services, some of which can have a more complicated creation logic. If the service is injected as a dependency, but not necessarily used at every execution, you may want...