Increase your presence in the community.

After a few months of active blogging, I doubled the number of followers on Twitter.

Go to user groups or conferences, make a point of talking to people, form relationships, and stay in contact. Get online, join IRC and Twitter, ask questions, participate in discussions, put your name out there, and maintain visibility in those communities.

Put your work in the public eye. Write articles for sites like SitePoint or magazines like php[architect]. File issues and submit pull requests to open source projects, or start your own. Submit to and speak at conferences and user groups.

Return of Investment

but try looking at it from another angle. There are companies that GitHub profiles over resumes. I want to work for those type of companies. Almost every company appreciate developers writing publications either on their own blogs or websites and magazines

Obviously, the chances for employment are much higher, and on a different note, you're remaining employable. Being directly involved in the organization of big events such as IT conferences is also a big plus in the eyes of the company.

you're remaining employable

PHP community can help in many different ways, so embrace it and get the most out of it.